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Room Staples

The Scent by Maison de L’Asie

The Scent by Maison de L’Asie

Be greeted by the scent of Maison de L'Asie Chapter 01 parfum d'interieur as you step into Garden Pod's bedroom. This elegant parfum d'interieur is created by Maison de L'Asie, a  luxury niche fragrance house from Asia and proudly made in Singapore.


The parfum pays homage to old Singapore with its delicate floral and tea scent notes that evoke a richness of culture, tranquillity and nostalgia.



The Scent by Maison de L'Asie
Compost by Soil Social

Compost by Soil Social

Adding interest to the rooms are terrarium displays and drinking glasses made from upcycled glass, while the compost was produced using upcycled horticulture and landscaping waste.



Glasswares by Soda Lemon

Made with love by Singaporean artisans from Soda Lemon, these quality glassware pieces prompt us to reconsider broken or unwanted glass afresh as a useful material and resource, instead of a waste product.


Soda Lemon Glassware
Coasters by The Plastic Project

Coasters By The Plastic Project

Unique upcycled coasters are provided for guests' use during their stay. Beautiful pieces that are works of art in their own right, these one-of-a-kind coasters were created by The Plastic Project Singapore to give unwanted plastics a new lease of life.

The Plastic Project Singapore is a ground-up effort that seeks to innovate new ways to transform plastic waste into valuable goods. Find out more on their website !



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