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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your hotels located?

Our hotels are located at Gardens by the Bay (Garden Pod), Haw Par Villa (Shipping Container Hotel @ Haw Par Villa) and one-north (Shipping Container Hotel @ one-north). 

How many suites/rooms do you have? 

We have a total of 4 suites in Garden Pod, 2 suites in Shipping Container Hotel @ Haw Par Villa and 2 suites in Shipping Container Hotel @ one-north 

How many people can sleep in a Garden Pod suite?

Each suite sleeps up to 6 pax. The bedrooms are located on the 2nd level. Each bedroom comes standard with a king-size bed (sleeps 2 pax) and a queen-size Murphy bed (sleeps 2 pax) which is located behind the sofa. Kindly remove the top cushions on the sofa before pulling down the bed. Each suite also comes standard with a twin sofa bed (sleeps 2 pax) that is located on the 1st level. If you require us to set up the sofa bed on the 1st level, please be informed that an additional charge of S$50 per stay will apply. 

How to pull down the Murphy bed at Garden Pod at Gardens by the Bay - YouTube

How to open the 3 seater sofa bed in Garden Pod?

Please click on the YouTube link here 

Do you provide daily housekeeping?

No we do not. If you would like us to provide daily housekeeping, please inform us and we will provide this service for free. 

Do you provide bottled water and toothpaste?

We do not provide disposable bottled water and toothbrush or toothpaste as these items are not environmentally sustainable. However, we provide you with drinking tap water which is located in the fridge.

How many people are allowed in a Garden Pod suite?

1. You may invite up to 10 pax which includes the 4 staying guests. Please do let us know in advance of your gathering. This is because we wish to maintain the tranquility within the gardens. If you wish to have a private function and would like to invite more people (e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.), kindly book all 4 suites and we will allow more people within the hotel (within reason). 

2. Note on excessive noise and parties
T​o ensure all guests enjoy the comfort and safety of the facilities we offer, Garden Pod upholds a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any commotion or excessive noise.  For your kind consideration of all our hotel guests, do help us keep your noise to the minimum by 10:30 pm. Any person found to be on our premises creating excessive noise or exceeding the number of permitted guests or otherwise causing disturbances will be requested to leave the hotel without a refund.

Is parking free at Garden Pod?

We are giving ONE complimentary parking ticket for the duration of your stay per booking, worth S$36 per day.  Do contact us in advance if you drive.

Is parking free at Haw Par Villa and one-north? 

  • Parking is not free at HPV and one-north.

  • You will have to pay a flat parking fee of S$8 per day if you intent to park overnight at HPV. This is valid for multiple entries.

  • The parking rates at one-north is as follows: Monday to Friday (7am to 6pm) $0.93 per half hour (per min charging), 6pm to 7am $0.93 per entry. Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays (7am to 7am) $0.93 per entry. 

How to get to Garden Pod?

Via Train: The nearest train station is Bayfront MRT Station. Garden Pod is approximately 1km away or a 10 mins walk

Via Taxi: The address is Serene Garden Meadow car park entrance Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953. When taking a taxi, DO NOT drop off at the Gardens by the Bay main entrance. The hotel is located 700m away from the main entrance. Instruct the taxi driver to drop you off at Serene Garden Meadow car park instead. The hotel is located next to the taxi drop off. 

Via Car: If you are driving, please park at Serene Garden Meadow car park. 

How to get to the hotel at Haw Par Villa?

Via Train: Alight at Haw Par Villa train station. Walk 700m to the hotel via Haw Par Villa park. The park opening hours are 9am to 8pm daily. If you require assistance to enter the park outside the opening hours, please call the guard house (located at the back of the park) at +65 68724909 to assist you to open the front main gate. 

Via Taxi: The address of the hotel is 27 Zehnder Road, Singapore. Use Google Maps for the exact location of the hotel. Instruct the driver to enter the hotel via the back gate which is located along Zehnder Road. Please note that cars are not allowed to enter the park via the front gate. Upon reaching the back gate, please inform the guards on duty that you are checking into the hotel and they will allow your taxi to drive up the hill to the hotel.

Via Car: The address of the hotel is 27 Zehnder Road, Singapore. Use Google Maps for the exact location of the hotel. Upon reaching the back gate, please inform the guards on duty that you are checking into the hotel and they will allow you to drive up the hill to the hotel.

How to get to the hotel at one-north?

Via Train: Alight at one-north MRT station. The containers are located across the street.

Via Taxi: Container No 3 is located next to Block 77 Ayer Rajah Crescent and Container No 4 is located next to Block 81 Ayer Rajah Crescent. 

Via Car: Use Google Maps for the exact location of the hotel.

Are your hotels pet friendly?

Only Shipping Container Hotel #2 in Haw Par Villa and Shipping Container Hotel #3 in One-North are pet friendly. Garden Pod is not pet friendly. There are no extra charges for your pets. However, we ask that you refrain from allowing your fur kids to sleep on the beds and sofas. 


Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is strictly not allowed in Garden Pod or anywhere in Gardens by the Bay. Smoking inside Garden Pod rooms will set off the fire alarm which will alert the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF).


Can we have a BBQ at your hotels?

Yes. You can only use the BBQ grill that we supply (free). Please make a request for the grill in advance.

Do you have a physical front desk?

No. We do not have a front desk at any of our locations. We will check you in using a virtual front desk. Email us at or call us at +65 66657500 at least 48 hours before your check-in time. This is to allow us to arrange directly with you for your on-site check-in. Kindly provide your full name, reservation details and mobile number in your email/message. 

What are the check in/out times? 

The check in time is 3pm and the check out time is 11am the next day.  

How to enter the rooms? 

Once you contact us, we will provide you with the passcode to access the igloohome keybox which is located in front of the main door. Please click on the following link to learn how to retrieve the access keycard or door key: 

Are buggy rides available at Garden Pod?

Yes, but only if you book the Gardens by the Bay tour package in advance. The package includes buggy rides, breakfast at Starbucks, tours, etc.

Do you provide toiletries?

As part of our environmental sustainability efforts, we provide towels, shampoo, and body foam but not toothbrushes and toothpaste.

If you have further queries, please email us at or call us at +65 66657500. 

Or, simply Contact Us.​

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